Costa Chica Region

Food – The trip to Costa Chica is a more difficult trip. There are fewer places to eat and we cook on a two burner stove top. Raviolis, Chili, and other canned goods are carried in with us for dinners. Lunch is sandwiches with supplies bought in Acapulco (Peanut Butter and Jelly), and breakfast is brought by each team member (breakfast bars, etc).

Lodging – We stay at a local hotel. There are air conditioners in each room and double beds. There is also a pay phone (and phone cards for sale at the front desk) outside the hotel with a very clear international line to call back to the states.

Atoyac Region

Food – We will shop at Wal-Mart in Acapulco and buy all the supplies needed for the trip and transport them with us to Atoyac. The compound at Clinica Bethel has a full kitchen complete with pots, pans, and kitchenware. Supper is generally something quick and hot (Spaghetti, hamburgers, etc). Lunch is sandwiches at the drill site. Breakfast is toast, cereal, or anything you feel like cooking.

Lodging – The compound that we stay at is secure, comfortable, and very nice. There are air conditioners in each room. Private showers and bathrooms in the dorm facilities. As well, there is a complete medical facility on the premises in case of emergency.