Ongoing Maintenance

One of the major needs Agua Resources has realized over the years is the ongoing maintenance of the wells we provide.  The pumps that are normally used are constructed from PVC and require ongoing maintenance.  The primary reason for this application is to guard against theft of more expensive equipment.  Our team is always on the lookout for new and more effective technology; however, we have hundreds of wells with the PVC hand pumps that require repair or replacement on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Drilling

After fifteen years of drilling water wells in Mexico, Agua Resources still has a huge list of colonias, orphanages, medical clinics and public schools requesting a well.  Though we have made a significant impact on the area around Atoyac, there remains a multitude of places that have no consistent access to fresh water.  Recently, through the help of C. Miller Drilling, Agua Resources has constructed a new trailer mounted hydraulic drilling rig that makes the process of drilling much easier and also much more effective.  This new rig allows us to bring fresh water to areas we could not drill in before.  The rig opens up a whole new and exciting level of fresh water impact for the needy people of Mexico.

Ongoing Finances

Everything Agua Resources has accomplished has been financed by the generous donations of churches, individuals, foundations, as well as other ministry oriented organizations and ministries who see the need and desire to help.  As we look to the future, we continue to need ongoing funding.  Here is a list of the expenses that Agua Resources needs to continue funding on an ongoing basis:

  • Ongoing maintenance of existing wells
  • Materials for new drilling projects
  • Labor expenses for local workers who assist in the drilling and maintenance of Agua Resources wells
  • Travel expenses to and from drill sites, as well as for repair trips
  • Ongoing maintenance of present equipment

If you would care to join us in helping bring water to Mexico, please feel free to contact us.  Or you may donate through our home church web site at