The Team

Step 1:  Assemble a Team

Start a sign up sheet to find people who are interested in traveling to Mexico to drill.  A good size team consists of 4 to 6 hard-working men that are not afraid to suffer minor inconveniences in order to serve Christ in this capacity.

Step 2:  Set Your Trip Dates

Your trip dates must be set through our office.  We must be sure that we have a time available that coordinates with our missionary connections in Mexico.  It is possible to book more than one trip per month, but timing is extremely important in booking multiple trips.  We are certain that we will be able to accommodate your team with a trip that coordinates with your time schedule as well as ours.  You are welcome to call our office for travel agent suggestions.

Step 3:  Purchase Your Tickets

Once your trip has been set and confirmed, you need to purchase your airline tickets.  These tickets will be more reasonably priced if you can purchase them as soon as possible.  It is our suggestion that you try to leave as early in the morning as possible and return as late in the day as possible.  Ticketing may also affect the exact dates of your trip (usually if a change occurs it is only by one day).  Keep in mind that the ticket for your drilling instructor Darren will be purchased by our office, so don’t buy an extra ticket for him. However, check with us about coordinating flights out of Houston Intercontinental.  Remember you will need a valid Passport.

Step 4:  R&R Options

You may decide to go in to Acapulco for some rest and recreation at the end of your trip.  We suggest that the decision to do this be made during the close of the week.  Planning a trip earlier than that could jeopardize the completion of a well.  Of course, this will change the price per person.  Another option, to save money and miss the tourist crowd is to visit a local Mexican beach and tour Acapulco the morning before your flight.  This can be easily accomplished by choosing a flight that leaves in the late afternoon (5:00 or later).